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Proper management of paid advertisements in Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. can drive impressions, visitors, opinions and hence success. PPC (pay-per-click) can be used standalone or can augment other online branding and promotional efforts.

paid online ads growth - IAB

Did you know that the IAB research report shows:

=> Search Ads share remained the leading format at 39% of Half Year(HY) 2014 revenues. Decline from 43% to 39% in its overall share is attributed to growth in Mobile and Mobile Search

=> Mobile revenues continued to quickly gain share, representing 23% of total HY 2014 revenues, as compared to 15% of total revenues reported in HY2013 and 9% in HY2012

=> 24.1% compound annual growth rate of Social Ad revenue from HY 2012 to HY 2014

Centaurweb Adwords Management & Social Media Advertising company has you covered. We offer the following services:

  • Keyword research – what your prospects are searching for, where, how often, historical CTR / Conversion rate, search / conversion ratio, business relevance
  • Improving quality score of your landing pages and onsite improvements
  • Creating attention grabbing titles and description on the basis of AIDA principle (Attention, Interest, Decision, Action)
  • Due focus on mobile and device Advertisements
  • Creation of text, image and video Ads, Ad Groups and Campaigns
  • Avoid bid wars while maximizing returns on Ad spend
  • Display-network Adwords management, Search Ad campaigns, Social media Advertising campaigns
  • Monitoring of competition for specific key words and costs and reporting placement rankings. Explain metrics to you (the customer), and not simply bludgeon you with data mountains
  • Regular campaign optimization and fraud click mitigation to ensure that program metrics stay within approved limits and achieve the desired CPA (cost per action)

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